How we work

We generally work in three different modes, which are listed below.

  1. Regular Appeals
  2. On-demand Appeals
  3. Yearly Special Appeals

Regular Appeals

This is one of the two ground rules when we had formed the group.

We have certain beneficiaries (either individual or a group/organization) whom we help every month by sending a fixed amount. Though the amount may NOT be very big, we had fixed it at a little less boundary due to the nature of our contributions. In SHaDE, we do NOT insisit any one on a specific amount towards the contribution. Hence, the lower bracket. However, we had been increasing the contributions at a periodic intervals based on the needs and the contributions.

To name a few,

On-demand Appeals

This is the second ground rule we had thought of while starting off our group.

Of course, this was the major catalyst for starting a group and continuing helping the needy in an organized manner and with a brand name.

We have been regularly getting the appeals through people (both known and unknown sources) for various kinda appeals - medical, educational, food etc., To our best we do a good amount of verification of the genuiness and authenticity of the appeal before we can proceed with the fundraising act.

Typically, we send the money with our SHaDE funds if the requirement falls within the amicable budget. However for few appeals we do raise funds from public (non-members of SHaDE) and include our SHaDE contirbutions as well before handing over to the end beneficiary or their representatives.

For few of the appeals, we had been paying the full fees (for college/school fees). For the rest of them we had raised funds!

For instance, you can have a glance at our 2009 Report here : SHaDE 2009 Report

Yearly Special Appeals

From the year 2010, we had started one appeal/event per year wherein we contribute the society in a bigger way than our usual way of contributions.

In the year 2010, we had conducted a Lucky Draw for FundRaising for LOTUS and Sevalayam kids. It was for Rs. 1 Lakh with 1000 lucky draw raffle tickets. After the amount Rs. 7,000/- spent for the lucky gifts for the winners, the remaining amount Rs 93,000/- was split in to two and each Rs. 46,500/- was handed over to LOTUS and Sevalayam. The event was conducted on 6th March 2010, Sunday in LOTUS, Salem.

In the year 2011, we had conducted two such events. One was Notebook distribution to both LOTUS and Sevalayam students. It happened on 20th June 2011 in LOTUS Home, Salem. The other event was Uniform Distribution to the kids of Udhavum Ullangal Illam, situated in Adambakkam and Maraimalai Nagar of Chennai. The event happened at Adambakkam home on 20th July 2011, Sunday.

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