Dear Friends,

SHaDE is stepping into a brand new venture on account on account of its third anniversary (Aug 2011).

It has been in the conceptual level till this time but now the time has come for its inception.

This programme is called 'SSS' which is an acronym stands for SHaDE Sponsored Student. We are stepping into sponsoring of student's education for a complete duration. This programme would be officially launched in September 2011.

Of course, the idea had been well analyzed and nurtured with few of my friends who had been following up with me in this regard. There are quite a few people in the list. However, just to name one I can say, Mr Sathishkumar Thiyagarajan, who had been recently talked much for his enlightening and award winning short movie 'Jakkuboys'.

Adding on top of the existing/tentative sponsors, the regular SHaDE-ians are also joining hands for a concept of FixedFunds wherein the interested members would commit on an amount (min Rs 100/- per month hence Rs 1,200/- per annum) which they can pay at their convenience (any duration of their choice). As of now the SHaDE volunteers are ready to step in and the count is roughly 8 to 10 people (based on the strength in the SHaDE Volunteer's meeting on the day before our 3rd anniversary celebration - 20Aug2011).

As usual, the upper bound is left to the individuals and the overall contribution aspect is purely optional, which as per the ground rules of SHaDE!

We are going to have a separate account for the same to maintain the funds dedicated for the educational appeals.

I, on behalf of SHaDE, thank you all very much for your consistent support in all the possible ways and I am sure we can get the same for this activity as well.

If Interested, you may please send me an email to with the subject line "SSS (SHaDE Sponsored Student) | Willing to join hands", so that we can include your candidature in the list of sponsors!

We are very closely working on registering SHaDE as an NGO, after which all the sponsors/contributors would be given the Sec 80G receipts for their tax exemptions :)

As usual, you can share your thoughts with us here. Alternatively, you can also visit our forum. You must be a registered user to post your comments!

Raghavan alias Saravanan M
Founder and Cheif Executive Volunteer
SHaDE | Bangalore | India

Last updated by Raghavan alias Saravanan M on 22 Aug 2011, Monday, 9 18 PM IST