Lucky Draw for the Fund Raising Act - Results

Dear Friends,

Thank you all. With all your support and co-operation, we were able to SUCCESSFULLY complete the fund raising act with a Lucky dip on 13 March 2010 Saturday in LOTUS, Salem.


  1. We were able to sell all the 1000 tickets successfully thereby raising the target funds of worth Rs. 1 lakh. :)
  2. Deducting the amount spent for the gifts which was around Rs.7,000/-, the remaining amount Rs.93,000/- was given to the two targeted beneficiaries each Rs. 46,500/- on the same day at LOTUS, Salem.

Before listing down the WINNERS, just want to mention the list of people who really deserves a special applause! They are listed below.

First and foremost, Mr. Shankar from MTS, Chennai for having helped us completely in getting the tickets right from the design to printing, though the content was given by me. He had really done a wonderful job out of his busy professional life being a Regional Sales Manager of MTS, Chennai division. Thank you so very much Shankar! It was very kind of you! :)

Next is the set of pillars who had really shown their support in their action while selling the tickets.

WINNERS of the show are listed below:

Place Winner Ticket # Gift Item Company Place Volunteer Ref.
First Ms Savitha #038 HP 3-in-1 (Printer,Scanner,Copier) VSM Software Bangalore M Meenakshi
Second AR Kamalakkannan #847 Marphy Richards 4+1 BreadToaster -- Bangalore Jayashree
Third Mr Harinam #384 XXL Size Bean Bag -- Bangalore Mala N

SHaDE Team once again thanks all the people involved in this activity and Congratulates the winners! :)

The prizes will be handed over to the representatives and the winners are requested to collect the same through their respective SHaDE volunteers!

Stay tuned for the URL link for the videos uploaded into Youtube.

Raghavan alias Saravanan M.
18 March 2010, Thursday 1 31 PM IST

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