Lucky Draw for the Fund Raising Act

As a new initiative, we have started doing a fund raising act for the betterment of the kids residing at (1) LOTUS (2) Sevalayam, an NGO present in Tamilnadu and our regular beneficiaries.

This is to give a little big support than our regular but limited monetary support through our funds collected in the form of regular contributions from members.

A Brief information about the target beneficiaries:

  1. LOTUS (Lovers Of Truth, Unity and Service) - an NGO situated in Salem, Tamilnadu. It provides food, shelter and education the kids who are mostly untended. It is managed and run by two sisters namely Sister Celin and Sister Sathya who are managing this LOTUS out of their personal willingness to serve the society. Admist their regular work as a teacher in a School nearby village, they dedicate their entire time in helping the kids by all the possible ways and aspects. It has been the regular beneficiary of our SHaDE group since June 2009.

    You can read the detailed information about LOTUS here.

  2. Sevalayam - A dormitory for about 100 kids hailing from nearby villages in Madurai, Tamilnadu. It was started in Gandhiji's period and has been managed by some Government Authorities but lacks so many things right from a stable and safe infrastructure, proper and healthy food with shelter to the kids staying over. All the kids are studying in a nearby school. As of now a set of people named Mrs Arunmozhi and Mrs Tamilselvi are actively taking part in coordinating the volunteers, donors and also getting the things done to cater to the needs of the kids on demand.

The soft copy of the printed ticket is given below FYI.

SHaDE Lucky Draw Coupon for the fundraising act

Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

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